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  • A leading company in the field of power supply, electrical and electronic control



2003.02.Establishment of JNS POWER Co., Ltd.
2003.10.Signing a representative contract with VICOR Corporation
2004.11.Relocation of a place of business to Seongnam industrial complex
2005.02.Factory registration in in Seongnam industrial complex


2007.01.Expansion and relocation of the head office and factory
2007.11.Acquisition and implementation of ISO 9001:2000 certification
2008.10.Signing a MOU with I-Spec (EMI/EMC Solution Provider)
2009.03.Venture Business Certification
2009.08.Establishment of affiliated R&D center
2010.01.Signing a representative contract with GAIA Converter
2010.02.Acquisition of (INNO-BIZ) certification


2011.04.Signing a representative contract with MINMAX Technology
2011.06.Expansion and relocation of a place of business to U-TOWER, Yong-In
2011.12.Renaming company name to JNS Co., Ltd.
2012.01.Commencement of new business of Motion Business Division
2013.08.Signing a distributorship contract with ELTEK
2013.08.Signing a contract for aviation-IT convergence development joint project with Ministry of Science,
ICT and Future Planning
2014.04.Performing a research project for development of maintenance technology of Cheonma power controller
at the maintenance depot of the army
2014.06.Signed a contract for development and supply of Pitot system
2014.08.Performing a civil-public technology development project with Ministry of SMEs and Startups
(Localization of the inspection equipment for T-50 aircraft)
2014.09.Signing a distributorship contract with ADLINK
2014.12.Citation of Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning at Korea ICT Innovation Awards
2015.04.Signing a contract to develop and supply M2 power, mode drive board with “P”
2015.06.Signing a contract to supply PIP power environment controller and DC power supply with “KXX”


2016.04.Youth-friendly Small Giant Certification - Ministry of Employment and Labor
2016.06.“Development of dual-purpose electric drive technology development” project - Aerospace project
2016.06.“Development of mountable and detachable power supply system for airplane” project - Aerospace project
2017.09.Selected as a Promising SME - Gyeonggi-do Office
2017.10.Designated as a company for military service exemption - Military Manpower Administration
2017.10.“Development of 1MJ electric brake system” project - Aerospace project